Debang’s Top 5 Vaping Blogs & Vlogs

Over the past few years there has been a vast increase in the number of vaping blogs and vlogs, reviewing product and providing impartial consumer advice.

Altogether, these are a great consumer resource, enabling people to get an impartial opinion as to product quality and value, before making a decision to purchase. However, the sheer number of review sites popping up has caused a degree of confusion in recent times, with variances in opinion being wide ranging. This is largely the result of a number of small publishers simply wanting to support their vaping lifestyle by hoping to get free eliquids & hardware, with actual viewership being low.

Similarly, there are a number of vape reviews out there that are attempting to charge brand owners to feature their product. So, how do you know if a reviewer is a genuine one and not someone accepting cash to publish what the brand owners wants?

Here at Debang, we have decided to review the reviewers! So here’s our top 5 UK review sites, offering fantastic impartial opinion, as a result of hard-earned industry knowledge and product understanding.

So, in no particular order, our top 5 vaping product review sites are as follows!


Vaping With Vic: 

The man behind the massive chrome microphone - Vic’s fantastically warming and comedic presentation style, mixed with no-nonsense product reviews have become the benchmark for consumer vaping information in the UK. It is abundantly evident that Vic’s reviews are born from a desire to share his impressive technical product knowledge.

As well as putting out high-quality video reviews, Vic goes the extra mile to respond directly to enquiries from consumers – so whatever you’re question, you know that is a trusted source of impartial product information 


The Vaping Biker:

Possibly the slickest vaping review site/channel the UK has to offer, combining high quality, high-definition production, professional editing and hosting from Dean, the Vaping Biker, himself.

Often seen with a brew on the go, Dean’s irrepressible humour, honest review style and technical product knowledge come across in abundance as he tries to keep up with the sheer number of requests he gets from brands all around the world.

Dean’s blog is and he also operates a well-subscribed YouTube channel under the same name, both of which are fantastically informative sources, whether you are an experienced vaper or entirely new to the whole experience... so make sure you subscribe and ‘ave it large!



Mark took up vaping in 2013 with a little starter kit, but soon grew into an experienced vaper with a thirst for better products, making him a true advocate. 

Mark offers a lot more than just product reviews, as his videos often turn into technical tutorials in an effort to explain how to get the very best from each product. In a rare twist, Mark’s brutally honest eliquid reviews are not just reserved for product he gets sent. In fact, he will often review product he has personally bought and never pulls punches regarding his opinion on value and quality.

It’s easy to see that MrPhatSlim’s detailed and technical reviews are driven by a passion for vaping and his eliquid descriptions can be more likened to that of a wine sommelier! 

A very trusted source of information and he’s the kind of guy who takes the time to respond to individual viewer enquiries,  whether they have specific product question or simply just want to chat about vaping!


Planet of the Vapes: 

A giant of review world and well-known brand in its own right, POTV’s reviews are split by a plethora of categories, with separate areas on the blog for MODs, SubOhm Tanks, e-liquids, accessories etc.

The blog’s vaping news section is a must-read for those involved in the industry and hobbyists alike, with a keen ear to the ground, POTV managed to source a mixture of the best local, national and international news relating to the vape industry.

Highly detailed and technically informative product reviews are well crafted and there’s also a brilliant forum where consumers and industry experts meet to discuss everything from new product to governing legislation. Well worth a read and a great community to be part of.

The behemoth of impartial review sites, E-Cig Reviews has been around for 8 years and has established itself as a mainstay for independent vaping advice.

Host Scott is a real consumer champion, ensuring viewers receive discounts from brand partners, as well as detailed technical analysis of each product. With a completely massive archive of impartial reviews featuring helpful tips on how to get the best out of each product, Scott’s impeccably honest presentation has made him the reviewer’s reviewer!