Maxi VogueThe Maxi Vogue has been described as the best value starter kit available on the market today. It’s perfect for people who are looking at switching from tobacco products and people who are interested in Sub-Ohm vaping.

There’s a number of reasons that make the Maxi vogue such a good device 1) it’s versatile, 2) it’s great for people who want to start Sub-Ohm vaping and, 3) it’s easy to use.

 The Maxi Vogue is great value at just £27.99 and also has a load of features that you won’t find on most other starter devices.

The kit comes with a spare coil as well as the mod, tank, a charger cable and (from us) a free liquid!

 The MOD automatically adjusts the wattage according to the coil that you’re using up to a maximum of 50W.

The coils included in the kit have a resistance of 0.5 Ohms and the battery has a voltage rang of 3.4V, 3.7Vand 4V all depending on the type of coil that you’re using of course.

The standard tank included in the kit holds 2ml of your favourite juice and is really easy to refill.

The Maxi vogue also has an LCD screen displaying the power level and the internal voltage, which is all the information that you need as everything else is done automatically.

However, you’re not limited to the standard tank or coil, The Maxi Vogue is compatible with Sub-Ohm atomizers as low as 0.3 Ohms and other features include surge and atomizer short circuit protection. The battery that’s inside the device offers 2200mAh which is huge for the size of the device, keeping you blowing clouds for longer and with consistent flavour.

The ergonomic shape contours neatly with your hand and the slim body means it fits snugly into your pocket. The device is also available in a number of colours including silver, black, red and turquoise.

To sum up why the Maxi vogue is perfect for anyone looking to move away from traditional ego-style starter kits and wants to make big clouds.

  • It’s easy to use
  • It’s amazing value
  • It’s full of features 

The Maxi Vogue can only be found at the Debangstix store right here and is available for £27.99 at the time of writing this blog.