Nasty JuiceNasty Juice is not only the most popular e-liquid name in Malaysia, they’ve also managed to develop a cult following throughout the rest of the world.

The branding is superb and is almost worth buying just for the box.

And it only gets better!

The liquid itself comes in a fantastic aluminium bottle like a mini canister, made of food grade aluminium to preserve the taste of the juice.

Nasty Juice is available in 40ml which is the perfect size to keep in your pocket so you can keep your tank full whilst on the move.

 Their juices are available with 3mg, 6mg or no nicotine in so they can be enjoyed by casual vapers too. All Nasty Juice liquids have a 70/30 VG PG mix, this is perfect for Sub-Ohm vapers which because of the liquids thicker consistency will produce more vapour and the VG gives the juice a sweeter taste further enhancing the flavour.

Nasty Juice doesn’t have so many fans solely because of their packaging, their Orange liquids are juicy, zesty and have a fresh fruity taste to them. Their Mango liquid is sweet and has a tart-like taste to it.

It’s really no surprise why such a large amount of vapers love their products so much. Their deep and strong flavours make their juices perfect for sub ohm vapers too who will get a deep and intense flavour that you would struggle to find with other juices.

To sum up why Nasty Juice is so good.

  • Their branding and packaging is simply phenomenal
  • Every flavour is refreshing and fragrant
  • Deep and intense flavours and perfect VG/PG mix, the best choice for Sub Ohm vapers


Debangstix is the sole Nasty Juice distributor for the UK.

 You can find Nasty Juice’s Liquids on our own website at