Which Starter Kit is right for you?

If you are new to vaping there are loads of Ecigs to choose from, but which is the best starter kit for you?

At Debang we appreciate that the choice available in the UK for new vapers is pretty flat. There are some great starter kits out there, but most people tend to start with a standard over-the-counter Ego style kit before realising their limitations and wanting something with a bit more gusto.

To us, the new vaper should be able to get the benefit of a big-cloud, big-flavour MOD, but, most newcomers are unlikely to invest time researching different coils, mods & tanks to get the best out of their device, as they won’t have generated enough interest yet to feel it worthwhile.

The perfect kit should just work straight out of the box. Just prime the coil and away you go – the device should do it all for you.

We searched high & low for a product ticked the following boxes – it must:

  • be simple to use,
  • give great all-round flavour and,
  • allow you to produce big clouds

There was literally nothing on the market that met all this criteria in one simple kit...

So we made one.

The Maxi Vogue from our D-Box series does all of the above. With its ergonomic design and automatically adjusting settings, the Maxi Vogue gives great flavour and big clouds for a fraction of the cost of the big-name MODs available on the market today.

But don’t just take our word for it... we sent some product out to some of the best vape reviewers in the UK to gather their thoughts.

Vaping With Vic – D-Box Maxi Vogue Ecig Review 


Our favourite quote:

“look at that!.... from a starter kit!... really?”

Want to know more?

You can see the full specs and buy the D-Box Maxi Vogue here: