Evolution of VapeThe Evolution of Vape

Even though the first patent for a smokeless cigarette was filed in 1963, it wasn’t until relatively recently that the first modern electronic cigarette was invented, just 13 years ago by a Chinese pharmacist named Hon Lik.

Since their inception use and sales have risen dramatically year on year. It’s safe to say that the electronic cigarette and the vaping industry in general has evolved hugely since its invention and is expected to continue to do so in the coming years.


The first electronic cigarettes available were cig-a-likes, they looked like cigarettes and they were smoking cessation aids that proved popular for people trying to quit smoking. What made cig-a-likes successful was how cheap they were despite being disposable, they gave the user the nicotine that they need.

Later they were sold with replaceable cartomizers that contained the nicotine and a heating element, which made the device less wasteful and expensive.

With health benefits being a controversial point, ecigs are a certainly a far cheaper alternative to smoking and a major selling point that has helped their rise in popularity.


More flexible starter kits became available in convenience stores and quickly gained notoriety as a credible and easily accessible alternative to smoking. It was at this point the term Vaping came to fruition as users sought to differentiate themselves from traditional smokers.

Starter kits were then accompanied in the convenience stores with a vast array of flavoured eliquids which gave far greater choice and a better experience, helping boost popularity further.

Though many people take up vaping as an alternative to smoking many are casual vapers and chose to have little or no nicotine in their e-liquids. Such people tend to vape for the flavour, technical capacity and the ability to produce big clouds.


This progression inevitably led to a rise in popularity of Sub-Ohm vaping, involving high powered devices with less than one Ohm of resistance in the coil hence the name “Sub-Ohm”.

Still growing in popularity today, Sub-Ohm receives huge amounts of exposure in the media and is estimated to be around 40% of the total vaping market.   


As vapers want more flavour choice and bigger clouds from their e-liquids, we can only see Sub-Ohm becoming the mainstay of the vaping industry.

Over the last few months we’ve even started to see high VG Sub-Ohm eliquids appear in convenience stores, which  is testimant to continued popularity of vaping in the UK.

Sub-Ohm starter devices will only increase their share of the overall vaping market as they also become availabletrhough the convenience channels too.

As a result, we anticipate that the Vape Store will become a place for the advanced customer, following their introduction to vaping from the traditional convenience store.

Power will and flexibility of MODs will continue to be at the forefront of development, as manufacturers release devices that hold up to four 18650-style batteries.

With higher powered devices, and Sub-Ohm becoming more popular, it’s likely that 2017 will have a cloudy outlook!

Keep on Vaping!