Welcome again to this blog by Debang where we look at different aspects of the Vape, E-Liquid and Juice for E-Cig industry. Over the past few months and in some respects, years, this industry has changed like no other. In the beginning, Vape companies were finding their feet and trying to succeed in this rapidly expanding industry, some were successful, and others fell by the wayside. Large bottles of Juice were the norm, and more and more flavours seemed to be hitting the shelves week on week. Not too long ago, there seemed to be only a few ‘Core’ flavour groups. Tobacco, Minty (including Menthol), Fruit and Sweets. These core groups of E-Liquid flavour became the foundation for all that follow.

Vape Equipment was also simplistic and designed to appear like a ‘normal cigarette’. But things slowly started to develop here too. Mods were only just being developed and the size of the Tank was growing. Was the equipment racing ahead too quickly? 

Like most things, once it gets popular, officals start to take an interest. The Vape industry appeared to grow at an exponential rate, and still shows no sign of slowing down. So of course legislation was brought in by governments to ensure that the E-Liquid industry was regulated. Debang fully support this idea and are moving hand in hand with the changes and new laws.

So what do we see the future of Vaping to be? Simple. Mod. Tank. Juice.

Mod - Mods are becoming a thing of beauty. The designs are becoming more interesting, lighter, heavier, wider, thinner, bigger, smaller etc… The technology in the kit seems to get better by the week, for example the various power setting mods seems akin to that of an F1 team in some cases! They are even becoming a desirable fashion accessory.

Tank – Tanks these days have to adhere to certain regulation in order of Tank size. However, again, design and technology plays it’s part here too. Top fill, bottom fill, width, height etc… Some now even have hinges to ensure that when you fill, you don’t spill!

Better flavours – This is key. Though most flavours of the E-Liquids still derive from one of the 4 core groups. It is the delicate balance between the constituent parts that is winning over customers. At Debang we pride ourselves in the flavour development. Everyone is different and we understand that people want different flavours. This combined with nicotine strength ensures that Debang’s menu remains current and enjoyable for all.

We see more and more people in café’s and bars who are happy to place their Mod down on a table, and very often they are a conversation starter. ‘I like your Mod / Tank… Is it new?’ It’s the technology and better flavours that will propel the Vape industry forward and the consistent human desire to improve something that already exists.

Debang can’t predict the future of Vaping, but one thing is for sure. We will be a big part of it.